Left behind solutions

When the shadow was killed the matron mother was angry. Going back to the early days of Pluto.

Libra… Athena. Owl. The library in the security of the house. Strange days indeed. Most peculiar Mama.

40 years on when afar and asunder, parted with those who are missing today. Follow up. Follow-up. Follow-up. With the tramp of the 36 men.

Physical health ain’t bad except for old wounds and injuries. Dental visit last week. Our family’s got no skeletons that everyone hasn’t already seen. He has been house tooth fairy his whole career and his predecessor is still linked in by coin and quill. He agreed. Everyone saw our very public torment though that was then.

Our band keeps several monsters and their mothers from several caverns. We do not quite have the breadth of the old crew days.

The iron rail has severe problems however. Undeniable. It would be good to improve the economy of the city and that means getting citizens to work safely and effectively. Not difficult if some are included and those already working hard to do a good job are supported and developed. We must be like others in the region and treat our citizens as valuable natural resources.  Training and development. NN

This is on show behind the cashie at the Shadrak, Meeshak, and Abednego. Good metal. Hit the lights. 

Matron mother had that claw attended to yesterday. 6 weeks before back on the throne.

And I hear much of season 7 of the iron throne. My belt needs more notches. The best healer says I am consistently there now. Just this damn knee and left calf. Water water and water. Healing in fixed water.

Today’s been difficult. The Bard pulled me out of my self indulged darkness and he has had a horror run for a month now. Tough little bastard he is. Everything is 2 sides of the pentacles.

Another healer, extremely competent and able contacted yesterday making reference to the adventures of the Paladin and the Bard. The Barbarian is on his unicorn somewhere. We just do wide patrol ma’am. We just keep the enemies from the gates.

You wanna rumble with us you can’t hang. Cos we’re something like a two drow gang. Start some shit is what we do best… bit like the Pumpkin eater himself. He earned that rep as a Lieutenant though the Collins St Dodgers will never know. Diamondbacks are coming anyway. Rattlesnake shake… make that body ache. 

Last one for the friend who this image belongs to. Stay safe.


10 thoughts on “Left behind solutions

    1. His exhibit starts Friday. The venue it was supposed to be at are now trying to cover their quite visible tracks now; offering him wall space later on irrelevant conditions. Saving face though the fact they think he is stupid enough… they think he is a child or a retard. Everyone can see them.
      A shame because I was hopeful of pitching the idea of a monthly jacking off and pizza night…
      Probably not likely… not unless the discriminatory Indian giving prize awarders… I guess they got the short term publicity for giving something… then taking it back. These are the kind who didn’t believe in a narco economy until they couldn’t keep snubbing friends who were friends during fun times… but wiped like dirty bums when they rudely have a kid die under suspicious circumstances… though the merry makers gossip suicide then move on… fun. Fun.

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      1. :))) I really think the artist should keep on doing what they were intended on doing & that’s making unbelievable art! & I get what you’re saying, yet I’m also sure they’ll have their own fans

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      2. The business is what the locals in the commission flats call a “6 month goldmine”. They come into a cool trendy market and don’t pay their dues. In this case they have only got in with others like them. I guess I never got where I am because I tried to make dying people eat lobster and caviar.

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      3. Around the world they are trying to get us all to fight each other over races and religion etc… The real issues are people being turned poor (losing knowledge) and those who have making us all fight for too little over nothing. They are entertained by their own power.
        Otherwise the majority of us get strong by being kind… and they try to sell us a plastic veneer of this

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