3rd house. Mutable air… and the god of thunder laughs along with all others as the builders and money grubbers of cardinal earth are exposed as cuckolds.

Gemini Mars can get really hot and fun. At world’s end. A husk says Loki. I remember. When I took with the lithium and started to live again and breathe… taking off the old debilitating layers.

We are at a junction now. Mercury retro can be fun.

Perhaps I should load up the haunting tomorrow. Perhaps not. Coin is sort of nice. Big win by Lolth’s army today. The spider queen made her point. Drow know the fear and trembling. Some are being beat down on the anvil ready for Neptune to take them down… and down. Newly minted coin.

Back to the meaning of instincts. They go mad making up fresh guano for the soldiers and priestesses of Lolth. We hooked em hard today. Now we drive that wedge in. Water in wood. Interesting. Sapping and rising.

The landscape is apparent. Nothing new. Just affirming.  It is only a scant few paddocks and they are paranoid. The worst of worst invasions is manageable from them. Their own constraints have sealed it. The labyrinth works.

Funny how some drow and slaves cannot handle good fortune. Front up. Lying in word and deed is not the domain of any gender… it is the realm of war against gender and those who would betray trust because they miss something within themselves. Love was never a battlefield. 

Davey Jones locker of the Underdark. 

I rid myself of this weirdness. Dreams within dreams. Neptune in Pisces. Spoke with the matron mother yesterday. They will reconnect with our supporters in the sea of Neptune. Shells and mermaids. Linguistics is air. 3rd house… then opposite. 

Saw a priestess yesterday who cold read me in an instant. I don’t think I even spoke yet she immediately asked what was wrong in a particular area…. spell like effect? I put a mask up for now. Not used to other drow actually being competent at it. If so always an elder.

Seen where they barred our beloved Bard before. He hit a nerve with his song of experience there. Right now he has no Uranus connection. Moon must be contacting.

Iron carriage is running rough again. No PM? Can tell. A lot of other weeds have grown up around on the cavern walls. The Mayor of this city never even got close to clipping the shadow. Thor is still moving through Gemini ready to cross a threshold for the Paladin. 

Now we run. We work and we run. Scientist and Paladin still counting. The priorities are actually quite slow. The whole issue of the old haunt is no longer our workload. We aren’t rushed like older drow are from a mercantile trading house.

The Paladin holds cards and chips as well as a steel sword. See what jappens over the next 8 hours. 

18. Relevant. New moon. Aries to Taurus. None who need to know the zodiac are even up to speed and never will be. Even Jung said he could never get in the zone and if he had his time again he would have done a lot more. Message in. Hit the track in 6 hours. Got this covered. 

Bard getting on to the Scientist’s old digs. Could be a battle. Battery is pounding…

I like our chances today. Many enemies can’t keep their traps shut nor their game face on now. Hilarious. We can see for miles and miles through the Underdark. We know many of the hypocrites and those cheating each end. Only thing to make it worse for them is to escalate further harm to us. We continue doing little to nothing… they terminate any more of us and by its own accord a rock can slide tectonically. Can they keep blaming those locked up in such an event? We can only pray with love because we were built tough by our Goddess.

Scientist goes for that totem from.the 2 upper chakras. 

Knight life dweller.

Hi ho. Hi ho. That was some decent work. About 8 hours and I am back on deck. As an employee it would not be allowed and I would not be so strong. Autonomous we just GO.

THE barbarian is on track. I have been brutal and harsh and I know my crew are good enough. No one would waste anyone’s time otherwise. 

It is actually very easy to do the right thing if you are tough. See what happens by the new moon next Wednesday.  Taurus. Then a fortnight to the next full. So many cannot handle that people do exist outside the margins and that they each may have very similar problems. My ending with one fellowship was pretty funny seeinh as the 2 workers I saw out were pissed and their ability to live in the underdark was limited. It was evident some year back when the wild horse held in check had a player charged because drinking off duty watch officers must have great eyesight. Bizarre they were there to watch the opposite end of the ground when the play was at their end. Too easy to read opposition set plays.

I know have a passive aggressive street vendor from the bazaar. The energy is encroaching and he has already tried to pick me up. Probably a serpent singer? They can be well protected by some houses down here. Even a method of forward defence.

Some strange things on the iron carriage. 

Bazaar. Obviously a lot of rugs available on the streets this week. The behavior is out there and the watch actually seem more relaxed and easy going with everything. There you go… the Bard is not the only one to speak sooth.

Good Mars music tonight with the Barbarian and Mr Johnson. Worthwhile look at Shadowrun again last week.

Some strange coincidences. The Academy’s particle collision is in full effect. It is almost as Demeter. Almost as a Sagittarius Neptune. Good goddess I can smell this street vendor. The poison is a noxious cloud permeating off him.

The anger is incredible. One would wonder why they bother coming to Menzo when all know the laws of the city. The priestesses leave no room for confusion. 

A post about a cunt who I thought was my friend turns out he wasn’t.


I don’t tell lies. I base what I say on personal experience and fact. I try my hardest to do my research. I am straight up and honest.I don’t live my life by a book or or anything like that. I live each day as it comes. I make mistakes, heaps in fact but I learn from them and see them as a way of improving and making sure I head in the right direction in life.I don’t go out of my way to hurt or ridicule anybody. I will never use my fists of fury on anyone and I am a strong believer in good and bad karma.

However believe what you want to believe. If I am wrong somewhere please provide example and research as what I believe is to be right due to personal experience and fact. However I write the two paragraphs below to vent something that has been getting to me for the past 8 months and I have been holding back in writing anything but they are the exact reason why I don’t write articles on here anymore.

It is disappointing when you tell someone something you are heavily interested in, or a point of fact or your view on something and they say NO. When in fact you are right they stand the fuck over you with their point and say NO blah blah blah. It does nothing but lowers your self esteem and makes you less comfortable being around such kind of people and can lead to argument where you try to explain your view and why you are correct against a brick wall which doesn’t want to hear it and probably thinks you are stupid or what you are talking about is stupid. It makes you want to not raise any points with anybody

It is just as disappointing when you show someone something that means a lot to you and they don’t care or don’t show the same level of interest as you do. It  is not that it hurts or anything like that but does give the brain and emotional activity that sense of uncomfortableness and makes you want to isolate yourself, be alone and not talk about what interests you with anybody in fear of getting the same sort of reaction anybody else. It makes you want to back of and not partake in any activities.

I had to get this off my chest as it has been frustrating me for a good 6 months. I don’t want to upset anybody at all by writing this but is the only way I could possibly vent it out in hope that can start to be in a much better headspace. Sure there are stupid things, and sure not everyone shares the same views and interests. But having compassion and empathy, and showing interest even if you don’t really like what the person is interested in is a way of being a good soul and that other party will be happy that you shown interest in what they do and that gives you that awesome positive vibe in your spine like when you are listening to good music.

Once again this is why I don’t post on here anymore. If you want to see journalism from this site again please let me know.



7 dwarves 

Hi ho. Hi ho… it’s off to work we go.

Remains of the underdark. Good achievements over the weekend. Have to laugh at those who can’t find the strength. They won’t fight the struggle. Won’t cover their debts…

Many have claimed to attain levels in the underdark. Perhaps they have… though my ability to listen is beyond question… though not attempts of the sick and destructive to cause further harm. Seems like a shadow of a dream now.

Not our problem today. Today the underdark has a midnight troupe travelling through the town.

Our lady moon wanes… her political influence seeping into the cold earth and rock.

Inferno of the underdark. 

Dante and Beatrice. Funny how that relic has appeared in two separate occasions this weekend. The rock and roll cat wants a piece of the Paladin. 

Meditation done for the day. Amazing what the Lord puts on our path. I am incredibly lucky and blessed for such incredible companions have come to me.

Probably should jam some Deep Purple. 

Legs are warm now. So worn out in the mornings. Heavy from assenapanine. Remarkable that I keep myself going. Meditation helps. So does the fact I read people. Work is cut out to the spring equinox. Funny how this cat loves me so much. I wouldn’t give a shit where I lived or how if it weren’t for this beautiful soul who relies on and believes in me.

This cat like the goddess Bastet don’t know about backing down. 

Business season will go relatively quickly. Plenty of spoils. Certainly for 29 and 36. Bring in 43 and we are still sapping our enemies. 

This was a bad one by the scientist. Then the queen of the Nile finished a 3 way hit. Not bad. The asps and adders need to cut down their slide. Manufacturing to slow. Grinding down.

We go back in history through the studies.


The Bard has brought Dante back to me. Men are the demons of the underdark.. 


Tomorrow… less than 24. Hell… less than zero. The staligmite burning down… 13+

The Forest Witch? Memory… memories of Hell. Strawberries. Too young… to die. Navajo.

4th circle. GREED. Earth. Pentacles. 3 of coins.