Caravans into Menzo 

Mercantile trading houses into the city for the festival of the Bazaar on September 15th. Road of the Gypsy. Sacre Coeur. Courage. Red rose. Red lips.

The Paladin’s blade a thorn.

This was the vote of confidence tonight. Leo… we agreed. It had been forming for a while. Mercury working.

Then as the party changes we join the old crew and new and powerful spell users. Can’t help good luck.

Non program behaviors. Resentful venting with no resolution or pattern break. To be given the honour… the program to receive, can get dangerous to be. Like a passive aggressive bully. No pain no gain. Learning to cut those classes for myself was how those basics evolved. Some never went outside the boundaries when the time for doing so was there. The new guard saved up to buy the experience of the road. Nup.

They never understand that anyone can hit the graveyard blues as a teenager. Drew Barrymore did. The Paladin’s mouth was warm on his first magic elixir before he could even form the drow tongue. Sunday morning worship… after the elders entertained the night before. 

Take up thy axe. Festivals to play. Fools to play. Clowns. The Priestesses Council missed me yesterday as Lolth’s men sorted the Shinboner. The rank outsiders are trying to play. We build to a higher learning now. The road gathers up as a new caravan embarks like that meeting with the Cook. When the priestesses tried to push a play they accused others of. They thought the Paladin was with them. I guess I could turn away with compassion for their affliction. 

At least the help is coming now.

Was sad to see this one go the way it chose to go. Nothing to do with my bloodlines. They were new and liberal. What we were brought up had less legitimacy than non practicing. Agree. Some things get stronger the more we survive. The Paladin must be an expert on combating sorcery.

Not that he seeks it here… or there. Never is a black rose to be looked at.

Eye of the Dragon.

Void of course. Rolled that thunder. Auntie happy. Fiercely competitive at this point. Strong messages coming back. 

Goals? Had some strange answers at the firm. Beholders… knew they were coming.

Goals with the temples. Instellar overdrive ditched. Scrap metal.

Spiral. Spiral… dance. Wolf pack. Got aid today. Just over 1° to go. Throw more sixes for shorts. Black magick… clubs and spades. Swords and wands. 12H done today. 

Next… my health is my wealth. Tues as the crescent appears…

This is an interesting one because whilst I stopped following a while back reports from the legal district and with no association are saying it can only be that the watch has done something else entirely to their usual line? Nothing to do with my schedule though I thought both victims survived? Maybe I had a misunderstanding bounced back at me… though the authority seemed clear over that meeting. Sad anyway.

And this is where we get to. Forest Witch fired up.

Growing treasures. Lesser parties play on Uranus about to go retro… chasing. A lot of guano words. No messages bouncing in the caverns. Piss and hot air of their poisonous gigs. With Jupiter perhaps they will expand.  He is square cardinal. Air to earth. Wolf mother was right in that. Always.

Healing coming. 

Big Watch.

The red and black army marched through as the staligmite was lit. Burns? Well, yes it does as always.  Short response today. Radiates… transmits as Uranus goes retrograde. 

Aries. Fire. Goals. Goals. Goals. Talking with dark receptive. 5 rings. Exposed in the underdark. 

Bard is on from new to full. Time to grow.
Seeing the hands around the table as some remain unplayed. They could infect and become poisonous.  Guano has one scion not hanging back.

Clear vision with Bastet’s blessing. Must send the messenger to the teacher. A wise owl of Athena. 

Iron carriage out from the official cavern. Long day. Now the staligmite burns down. The anger has gone. Mars has some reflection over those goals. Got to take a lot of the ranks with salt. Centurian type mindset. The crossroads out themselves. 

Celebrating tomorrow for clan. Keep the candles lit. Mother Green and her machine. Lichen and moss. Dank on the cavern walls.

Dark moon. In 93 he was the jail break. Heartbeats… racing. Freedom…

The slow minds condense and sit. No warmth. No empathy… no intelligence. QED.

They know we know that they lost all trace of where they lost trace… we got our second wind. We blasted. We reload. Set up. And we chain.

The chains run through the north. Blitz after Blitz. The local hero got fat. Duck liver. Goose eggs for the 11th house. Son of Venus.

The priestess deserves appropriate response before the next victory. Lol.

Onion rings going round and round. 

Tartarus elevator. Will elevate ya. The staligmite has burned each night for over 150 years. 1st house stop. 2nd book of Tolkien. Not claiming spoils for tournaments I did not compete in, let alone win. Soothsays that I did win a lot though. Still a finite number.

Old mercantile traders did say back then that we had already won big at a young age and would only realize how well we had done as we got further into our careers.

Next 2 days.

Bloomberg bloods. Shinboner. A couple of punts. Watching the Rat’s hero. Fire Rooster. Still in the 6th month.


Security. 8 circuit model. Rings and octaves. Writing. The toxic channel was a disappointment. So is some of the white noise around the northern corridors.

The Bard has his message out for a fortnight now. Building. Paladin’s value is high and raising. Vision like laser.

For hanging out. I like to shout. Feel the need for one more round. Don’t you struggle. Don’t you fight. You want some trouble… I’m the King of Fights.

Following from the pink moon:

Possibly. The insurance company went through them as the wreck (allegedly missing… or no accident occurred) differed to the ambulance officers who were fantastic… not to mention sober.

Then another government department was lent on to cause me more mental harm. I had that much support from legitimate citizens and patriots… and then I got a call from someone higher up in that commission who was so apologetic and gave me direction to begin legal action. I said I needed a rest not more spiteful work and we needed police to be able to work better not everyone keep blaming and grubbing more coin.

Pack of rabid dogs.

Memories of the 90’s. Wraiths took flight from the underdark. Nearly Leo new moon. Rippling underwaves… 

The Bard will bounce out of this one. We have a rendezvous with the assassin on the full moon. Gemini moon now… Cancer then Leo to Aquarius. Put that with Swords. December will be flowering battle… summer gifts.

The Rock and roll keeps the fort tonight. All along the watchtower. We take it to the Shinboner this Darkmoon. A long way on from that of 93. Gypsy was there. Enough he was. 

Fishes… 🐠🐟🦉🕸🕷 Didn’t do much. Burned. 🔥🔥🔥

Swords now though. Seen her before in the Bard’s big hit. Got a weak reply. Not a bad hit. Then comes the Horror Show.

Probably relates to the Neptune now… no Mr Fox here… certainly not screaming back from hell. Someone may be a little paranoid. Jumpy. Goes with the mutable air.

Speaking of mutable… and Neptune in Pisces. Never knowing what was administered is an old one… well before the little Lord’s fiasco saga. Quality problems for big loot. An ex watch commander had asked the Paladin for access to reports. Subscription… no dice. Aquarius moon we shall have dice though. 2 key priestesses return.

Things are improving. They have taken shots at the pack. I think the Bard just said that our time is not yet. Thinking a lot about the end of Logan lately.

Neptune narrative is ok. Underdark… white wolf of the 90’s. We got em good. Bleep’s collection. Ice got clipped. Put on a bike and sent from my last trough.

Dark side of the moon settles. That means shit for the fish. Scorpio underdark. 6th house of health and routine… still the iron rail report.

Tribe issues going for the long haul… and a leader possibly on the high council when the dogs are out.

Left behind solutions

When the shadow was killed the matron mother was angry. Going back to the early days of Pluto.

Libra… Athena. Owl. The library in the security of the house. Strange days indeed. Most peculiar Mama.

40 years on when afar and asunder, parted with those who are missing today. Follow up. Follow-up. Follow-up. With the tramp of the 36 men.

Physical health ain’t bad except for old wounds and injuries. Dental visit last week. Our family’s got no skeletons that everyone hasn’t already seen. He has been house tooth fairy his whole career and his predecessor is still linked in by coin and quill. He agreed. Everyone saw our very public torment though that was then.

Our band keeps several monsters and their mothers from several caverns. We do not quite have the breadth of the old crew days.

The iron rail has severe problems however. Undeniable. It would be good to improve the economy of the city and that means getting citizens to work safely and effectively. Not difficult if some are included and those already working hard to do a good job are supported and developed. We must be like others in the region and treat our citizens as valuable natural resources.  Training and development. NN

This is on show behind the cashie at the Shadrak, Meeshak, and Abednego. Good metal. Hit the lights. 

Matron mother had that claw attended to yesterday. 6 weeks before back on the throne.

And I hear much of season 7 of the iron throne. My belt needs more notches. The best healer says I am consistently there now. Just this damn knee and left calf. Water water and water. Healing in fixed water.

Today’s been difficult. The Bard pulled me out of my self indulged darkness and he has had a horror run for a month now. Tough little bastard he is. Everything is 2 sides of the pentacles.

Another healer, extremely competent and able contacted yesterday making reference to the adventures of the Paladin and the Bard. The Barbarian is on his unicorn somewhere. We just do wide patrol ma’am. We just keep the enemies from the gates.

You wanna rumble with us you can’t hang. Cos we’re something like a two drow gang. Start some shit is what we do best… bit like the Pumpkin eater himself. He earned that rep as a Lieutenant though the Collins St Dodgers will never know. Diamondbacks are coming anyway. Rattlesnake shake… make that body ache. 

Last one for the friend who this image belongs to. Stay safe.

Infections in the guilds

A couple of years ago I had several people in my corner. Many backed out. Everyone showed their hands.

Action was forced. I took a hell of a beating on my way out. My brother prepared me from childhood and protected me even after his life had crossed over.

Forgive and forget is an adage imposed upon us by those who intend to keep doing it. They are having ‘fun’ and fun is ‘positive’.

I survived something and while the destroyed the fields with salt.. . I have kept moving. I no longer care much as those monsters will always be entitled. I have met some fantastic people.

A new chapter is starting. 

Losing Tracks

Here is another share from my mate Michael Reily.
This is to do with the VicPol.
Victorian Police SERIOUSLY need to get themselves sorted out! This latest stuff up in relation to the 1980 stabbing murder of Maria James, just re-inforces my previous posts about the Victorian Police, and the Victorian government.
So rather than solve a murder case 30+ years ago, they now begin the task of re-testing ALL forensic exhibits in relation to the murder of Maria James to build a new DNA profile of her killer – after publicly admitting they used the wrong sample to rule out suspects?! How could anybody POSSIBLY explain that?!
Assistant Commissioner Steve Fontana admitted an “embarrassing mistake” had been made, but vowed to continue the investigation.
“We’re extremely disappointed for the family in relation to this matter. It must be very difficult for them. It’s also, very difficult for our homicide investigators. We don’t have a profile on the suspect at this stage. Basically we’ve got to go back and look at all the exhibits that were available, and are being held in relation to this case, to see whether the offender has left any trace evidence behind.”
DNA from an exhibit – reportedly a bloodied pillowcase – was used to rule out priest Anthony Salvatore Bongiorno as a suspect in the murder, but the exhibit came from an unrelated case.
This is something that TRULY makes my head spin, and my blood boil! It’s bad enough we have hoodlums running riot in the streets, and crooks receiving “slap on the wrist” jail terms, but now this?! Surely this can’t just be a simple human error in filing?!
Maria James, 38, was stabbed 68 times in 1980 in her Thornbury bookshop. Her sons Mark and Adam were 13 and 11, respectively, when she died.
Mark James has every right to be livid at the latest turn in the Victoria Police investigation.
Several persons of interest previously ruled out of the investigation are now been re-examined, but how small is a “small number” of these people? The James family have a right to know!
Well done to the James family for applying to the Victorian Coroner to re-examine the case as well. I don’t like to use the word “closure”, but I hope through out this new development, you get some strength to move forward. Our thoughts are with you.
Mother-of-two Maria James, 38, was murdered in her Thornbury bookshop on June 17, 1980. She was stabbed 68 times and for the past 37 years police thought they had a DNA profile of her killer.
What has now happened?
On July 13 Victoria Police admitted to bungling the case, confirming a bloodied pillowcase used to eliminate suspects was instead related to another crime scene. The anomaly was found when the case was reopened and exhibits were being re-examined. The pillowcase relates to another unsolved murder that pre-dates the James case.
How did this happen?
Police blame a human error storage mix-up that could have happened three decades ago.
What happens now?
Police have no DNA profile of Maria James’s murder suspect and will re-examine evidence to try to find one. Suspects previously ruled out based on the pillowcase evidence will be reinvestigated. The family wants a new coronial investigation opened.
Who are the suspects?
Pedophile priest Anthony Bongiorno was ruled out as a suspect based on the pillowcase. Maria James’s family considered Bongiorno a suspect because he abused her youngest son Adam as a child. Police say there are multiple suspects, but will not detail how many or who they are.